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Your Web Presence -- To Start or Grow Your Business, Or Simply A Resource for Your New or Existing Clients?

To provide you with the right solution, Afflutech always begins by assessing your needs.  Do you simply need a Website that you can direct your existing or new customers to for a map and directions to your store?  Perhaps you just want a place you can send your customers to for instruction manuals on your product or details on a real estate listing?  Maybe you want to have your new patients fill out their medical forms before their initial visit to your office?  Creating your custom Website for such needs is a simple task for us, and we can provide you with the right solution that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

However, if your intention for having a Website is to start or grow a bushiness with new customers from the Internet or to generate fresh, qualified leads from "cold" prospects surfing the Web, you are going to require considerably more than just a Website...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It does one no good to invest in a fancy, expensive Formula 1 race car if you never get it to the track.  This scenario is analogous to your custom Website if you intend for it to bring you fresh leads or new business -- if you want eyeballs you need visitor traffic.  Where will your traffic come from?  The biggest source of traffic on the Internet comes from people quizzing the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN).

The sad reality that so many new Website owners discover is that they were sold a Website in hopes of growing or bootstrapping their business, but the site does not appear in a Google search.  What gives?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people and companies aiming to make a quick buck by selling you a website but have absolutely no clue how to get it listed in the search engines.  Herein lies the dirty little secret.  They simply don't care!  They were only after your quick $1000 (we've seen as much as $!0,000!) that they charged you for the site.  Not only do you not get visitors to your website, we would bet that you overpaid for some canned Website more than ten fold thanks to some smooth sales pitch.  Or worse, the site they "designed" for you is some completely worthless concoction they slapped together in 10 minutes using some crappy software they bought at Office Max for $10 bucks.  Yikes!  (Yes, we've seen it happen).

Afflutech knows how to get your site listed in the search engines.  It isn't magic, but it isn't going to happen all by itself.  The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We know all the tricks and will do for you what best suits your needs.  We can help you discover the best search terms for your business and optimize for these terms.  If your site only exists for a one-time event or promotion, we can get it indexed at lightening-fast speed.  However, the results will be short lived, so this is not a good solution for most businesses.  If you need your site to appear in Google for the long haul, the process will be a bit slower but the results will be more permanent.

If you want longevity AND fast results, we have a solution for that as well...

Paid Search Placements (PPC)

So you've got your Website ready and you're all set for the influx of new customers.   There's a simple way to "turn on the fire hose" and deliver a swarm of qualified visitors.  The fastest, most direct means of generating a flood of targeted traffic to your website is through paid placement on the major search engines.

Why does it cost more to rent a retail storefront in a hot new business district than it does for the same square footage in an impoverished old ghetto?  The qualified BUYER traffic!  The same thing is true on the Internet.  Someone can send you a ton of hits to your site and offer to do it for a song, but we can pretty much guarantee that these visitors will not be anyone who has any interest whatsoever in your site -- or worse yet, these hits could be machine-generated and not be real visitors at all! 

Paid placement on the major engines can deliver leads that are laser-targeted especially for you and your unique offering.  You get this traffic by bidding on your specific search terms, creating a few simple ads and paying for the visitors who click the ads to visit your site.  This method is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

When approached in a half-hazard manor, your PPC results can be abysmal -- and your expense can be enormous for the failed attempt.  When done correctly, PPC can deliver almost instant results and a great ROI.  Pay-per-click marketing is our specialty.  Afflutech has been doing it since 2004, and we know how to make it work without wasting a lot of your money (or time) to get it done right. 

Yes, PPC marketing is an integral component of many successful online businesses.  Afflutech can set up, execute and even track and manage your entire PPC campaign for you.  And if you're looking for a complete "turn-key" solution for marketing your business on the Web, we can help...

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In these challenging economic times, Afflutech can provide services that can help your business grow or even provide a few critical components to simply help your business survive. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the way to harness and leverage the mighty power of the Internet to bootstrap and grow your new business or expand your existing business.  We have the experience and the expertise and can do it all for you.  We can:

  • Design and host your custom Website
  • Set up your blog on a CMS Website
  • Provide content for your blog or Website
  • Create expert sales copy for your Website
  • Create custom graphics and banners (static or Flash)
  • Set up CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing
  • Generate qualified traffic to your site through SEO and PPC

Through our SEM services, our goal for you is twofold:

1. To help you expand or bootstrap your business online to position it for growth, and

2. To work with you in providing the fortifications necessary to bolster your business for a sustainable future.

Content Management System (CMS) Website Design and Maintenance

We specialize in setting up websites on the two hottest CMS platforms available: Wordpress and Joomla.  You will have a very profession looking site, and you will have it done fast.  We can even help you with providing, updating and maintaining the content.

Custom PHP and JAVA Scripting

Our pool of talented programmers can make your site jump through hoops backwards.  Well, not really, but you know what we mean.  Give us your challenge and we will present you with an elegant solution.