Performance Marketing

Our formula for success through innovation is simple:

Afflutech Success Formula

Leverage our Expertise and Assets to Promote Your Products, Services or CPA offers

Performance Marketing is the engine that drives direct-response publishing and lies at the core of our business.  In a virtual world that seems to change at the speed of light, attracting countless newcomers of various qualifications and aptitudes, Afflutech remains a stalwart force, executing tested and proven strategies with exactness in the promotion of your products, services and offers.

We've been at this game since 2004 and have seen a lot of changes and a lot of promotional methods come and go.  We know what used to work, and we know what works NOW.  We know the classic strategies because, quite frankly, we invented a few of them.  Time and again we've developed an ingenious strategy that made a killing for our affiliated partners and us before the method was uncovered and sold for a proverbial quick-buck "mess of potage" by some short-sighted, opportunistic marketer -- leading quickly to saturation and rendering the method useless.

In spite of this sad reality of the Internet marketing world (and capitalism in general), why will Afflutech and our affiliated partners continue to thrive?  What makes us different and sets us apart from the crowd jumping on the Internet marketing bandwagon at an ever-increasing pace?  We are the creative force.  While the imitators and copycats will always and inevitably crash and burn, it's the innovators who prevail in the long run.

We look forward to continued growth and mutual success with our existing partners, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you as a retailer, affiliate or CPA network.